College fast food place leaves its mark on social media


Brand awareness is a key component for a successful company. In order to make money, people need to be aware of your business. It is important to attract your target audience and keep them engaged. Commercials and advertisements are great ways to make consumers remember your products. By interacting with consumers on social media, it is a great way to keep a positive relationship. “A recent study revealed 20 percent of tweets published are actually invitations for product information, answers or responses from peers or directly by brand representatives” (Solis, B. 2009). If consumers have a problem, they want answers, by companies having an active social media site it helps keep brand loyalty. It is important to maintain this brand loyalty by keeping brand awareness alive. Companies need to be involved in consumers life and the easiest way to do this is by being active on social media. “For your organisation, then, becoming more human might be about reducing the distance between you and your audience – perhaps showing yourself to be open, reliable, responsive, friendly, or engaging.” (Sanders, S. 2012). In order to really connect with your audience, it is important to be reliable and engaging. If a companies social media is not constantly updated, it can result in loss of sales. “Your marketing messages must capture your audience’s attention and compel them to action, whether they’re shopping in the store, browsing on your website or recommending your product to a friend” (Black, L.M. 2013). There are so many advertisements being displayed to consumers everyday, it is important to capture consumers attention and make them remember the brand. 

One company that is very successful at keeping up with their social media is Chicken Joe’s in Albany, NY. This is a fast food place located right near The College of Saint Rose. It is well known to college students for their delicious food and how it is open late at night.  I am a college student and I am always checking my social media, like most students my age. Chicken Joe’s is posting on their Twitter every single day either responding to students or re-tweeting them. They also handle any complaints that may arise and try to find the best solution for the consumers. The thing that they are most known for is giving away free food for the first person to tweet at them! It is a great tactic to grab consumers attention and make them want their products whether if they win or not. Chicken Joe’s sometimes uploads pictures of the food they are giving away on Instagram and also tweet the same picture, which causes people to see the delicious food and want it even more. They use their social media in such a positive way that it engages people to constantly check their pages and see if they are giving anything away. Chicken Joe’s has made their brand stick out to college students and has created many loyal customers across the capital region. 


Do you know of any good companies that successfully maintain brand awareness and brand loyalty? If you owned a company how would you keep consumers aware of your products? 



On Twitter and Social Networks, Brands Benefit from Conversations

Howell, K. (2012). Share This: The Social Media Handbook For PR Professionals. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


3 thoughts on “College fast food place leaves its mark on social media

  1. You bring up a lot of great points. For any brand, having a relationship with your customers is so important. I know as a consumer, I really find a brand that I can have no communication with is a total turnoff. Social media is such a great tool for organizations to hear what their audience has to say , and for consumers to feel like the organization actually cares what they are saying.

    Chicken Joes does excellent marketing. They are so in tune with their audience. They even have pictures on the wall of college students who go to eat there. They make their customers feel like they are a part of chicken joes.

    If I owned a company, I would take full advantage of Instagram. It is so true that a picture is worth a thousand words (not to mention they are wicked convenient). I would be constantly posting pictures so my audience could see what my company is up to on the reg, Let them have a real inside view. Plus pictures are just way more appealing then an article or something like that.

  2. I agree that Chicken Joes does excellent marketing. They are huge in social media and you can tell that even when you go in there.thanks to the huge wall devoted to tweets that their customers had sent them as well as photos of their customers. As Joanna said, they really know how to make the customer feel like they are a very important part of Chicken Joes.

    If I had a company, I would take full advantage of twitter as a way to quickly respond to my customers about complaints and have conversations with them. As we’ve seen with Chicken Joes, quick messages to people can really help make them feel like they are an important part of how the company operates.

  3. I love this campaign! It appears as though they are truly connected to their consumers – college students. Understanding the needs of a company’s consumers on the social web is critical. No two companies can claim to have the same type of consumers. They are unique to each brand.

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