Facebook: The Global Phenomenon For Social Media


Almost everyone these days has a Facebook. It is a place where family and friends can socialize with each other from all around the world. “Facebook already has 1 billion users worldwide and 44% of all internet users have a profile.” (Solis, 2013). The amount of users continue to grow every single day. Companies are creating Facebook pages in order to attract their target audience. It is a great way to reach their target audience precisely by narrowing it down by the users likes and placing advertisements on their pages. “8 out of 10 US companies now have Facebook pages, but the recent introduction of Facebook’s Global pages shows that the company is looking outside of the U.S. to achieve the same sort of figures” (Solis, 2013). 

It is important for brands to use Facebook correctly and to target the right audience correctly. In Share This, Chapter 7, Robin Wilson discusses the ways a brand can positively use Facebook to expand their brand. Building communities and engaging with fans is an extremely important tactic, brands are given a way to communicate with their target audience, one on one, and they are able to display the content that the consumers need to know about their company. They are able to sell the products directly to the customers and implement their message with social engagement between the company and the consumer. If a consumer has a problem or question, the company is able to answer directly to help fix the problem. The more interactive the company is with the consumers, the more impact they will have on the public. 

One company that I believe is positively using Facebook is Hollister Co. On their Facebook page they have over 10 million likes. They currently are engaging with consumers by uploading pictures of the latest clothing and posting questions such as “My friend_______would totally ❤ these Hollister Sweatshirts! Check us out on Instagram @HollisterCo and tag your friends!” This helps engage users and want to tag their friends that they think would like the clothing. They are not only drawing them into buying the clothing on their website but they are also sending them to look at their Instagram. Today they uploaded a picture of a new jacket for the Fall, they also mention that they will be uploading one of their new products every day. This shows how they are keeping up with their Facebook and always displaying new information. They are positively displaying their brand by showing new products daily and by also giving information about deals that are going on. Hollister Co. is always replying to any problems that consumers are posting which is extremely positive to other users to show how engaged they are and how they are always trying to keep a positive image for their brand. They are constantly engaging with the public and building communities. 


Facebook: Can It Keep Growing?


Wilson, R. (2012). Share This: The Social Media Handbook For PR Professionals. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


2 thoughts on “Facebook: The Global Phenomenon For Social Media

  1. Hollister is an example of a brand that uses Facebook well. You are right, they know how to engage their audience and show off their products at the same time. A lot of businesses don’t do that well and end up promoting their products far more than they communicate with their customers.

    • I just feel that companies that just keep promoting and do not connect with the audience are not as successful as companies that do and they do not make consumers remember their brand.

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