Your Social Media Could Lead You To Future Employment



LinkedIn is a professional website used for people to find employment. On LinkedIn, users can display their accomplishments and can connect directly with employers. It is a chance for users to find future employment by displaying their skills and characteristics. “LinkedIn sells itself as a platform to connect/reconnect, boost your career and find answers; simple really – just an online extension of our offline networks.” (Appleby, M. 2012). By being able to personally sell ourselves, it shows employers our professional qualities and what experience we have that we can bring to a company. LinkedIn is different than other social media sites. It is created to have professional connections versus Twitter and Facebook which is more socializing than anything. 

“Our recent study found that 75% of US companies will always or sometimes check out a prospective employee’s online profile” (Appleby, M. 2012). I think by having several different social media sites, it shows your true self. By having a Twitter, it shows how you are capable of communicating to the public successfully using less than 140 characters. On Facebook, you are capable of connecting with friends and family with pictures/videos and status’s, that all show your personal side. On LinkedIn it shows your accomplishments and skills that you may have. All these different sites can help an employer understand what positive qualities you display to the public and help decide if one would fit well in a company. 

I use LinkedIn to post my accomplishments, connect with friends, and hopefully create relationships that can help lead me to a future job. I recently created a LinkedIn and I was surprised by how many people I knew that use it. Most of my friends that use the site are college students, but many of my relatives and coaches are also connected. I am hoping by having a diverse group of connections on LinkedIn, it will lead me to interacting with different people who can help lead me to future employment. I really like how I am able to connect with other users and companies that are associated with Public Relations which will help create relationships. 

“LinkedIn caters to an older demographic that is more interested in cultivating professional connections and promoting expertise.” (Solis, B. 2009). I would absolutely agree with this statement, LinkedIn is aimed at those who have experience and are looking for employment. I believe that is why many college students and older are found on this site. Many adults are getting more involved in social media, but I believe that most are interested in LinkedIn especially if they are unemployed. It is an easy way to connect with friends and also be professional. Companies are using LinkedIn to find information about possible employees and can learn more about a person before or even after the interview process. It is important to display yourself positively on social media and LinkedIn is a great way to do so!

What do you think about LinkedIn? Do you think it can really help you connect with employers? How do you think it differs than other social media sites?



Appleby, M. (2012). Share This: The Social Media Handbook For PR Professionals. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


2 thoughts on “Your Social Media Could Lead You To Future Employment

  1. I think LinkedIn is an exceptionally useful tool. In a sense it is PR at its finest. You market yourself to people you know. From there you can find people they know, and more possible connections for yourself. Its online networking. Not to mention you can keep in touch with people you’ve met all throughout your life and see where they are at professionally and if they can in anyone promote your professional career. I absolutely think this site can connect you with employers. Employers essentially have a portfolio right in front of them with LinkedIn and I can’t imagine many employers would ignore that. The main difference between this social media and other social media is LinkedIn has a distinct purpose. LinkedIn serves to provide a professional environment that provides opportunities for people to find jobs, post jobs, and for professionals to learn from other professionals. There is no other noise such as someone’s pictures from their family vacation.

    • I agree, LinkedIn is definitely more professional and really focuses on work experience instead of the more social information. It is great that employers can find you through other people and in a sense all of your friends on LinkedIn are your references, an employer who goes through their employee’s connections can find someone and then ask their employee how they know them and if they think they would fit well in the company. It is absolutely a networking site and a positive one for employers to use and positive for candidates looking for jobs to have.

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