Companies are turning to Twitter to engage with the public

Twitter Post

“However, if you haven’t integrated Twitter into your influencer relations approach, rather than just using it as a channel to communicate with your PR peers, you risk being left behind or, worse still, left out of key conversations” (Parker, A. p.130)

Twitter is a great way to connect directly to a large target audience. In order to use it properly, companies must maintain and attract viewers attention. Many companies are turning to Twitter because of the number of users that are involved. Twitter chats are a great way to try and find information from your target audience directly and to gain new followers. Using less than 140 characters to get your message told and direct them to other sites for a company can be extremely successful. Many people share posts on Twitter and are always discussing what is going on, companies need to successfully create conversation in order to gain new viewers.

Companies can successfully use social media to target and communicate directly to their audience. “In April 2010, Performics and ROI Research found that 33% of Twitter users share opinions about companies or products at least one per week. More so, 32% recommendations while 30% seek guidance and direction” (Solis, B.) This shows how there are so many consumers turning to social media to express their opinions. Companies can successfully use this information given to them and make any necessary changes. “In fact, nine out of the ten stated that the most common reasons to follow a brand on Twitter involved the ability to obtain direct information from a company” (Solis, B.) Audiences are directly reaching out to companies in order to obtain more information and learn more about the company, making it easier for companies to find their target audience on Twitter.

I do not follow many companies, but the companies that I do follow, I follow because I am interested in their new products and I am a loyal customer to them. I really enjoy the companies that post more than just their products, but that engage with companies and post things that are outside of their company. If a company is constantly pushing their product in my face, it turns me away and I usually get a negative feeling toward them. It is important for companies keep a positive image toward the public and to keep their consumers happy, maintaing a Twitter is a great way to do so.

Jetblue has to deal with so many people everyday, I know many people that have turned to their Twitter because of some problems with their flights. Jetblue is always keeping up with their social media and always answers to those who are running into problems with their company. This is very positive to the customers who use Jetblue and to the friends who are seeing Jetblue handle their situation right away. In order to be successful on Twitter, companies must handle business positively and urgently.

Do you follow any companies on Twitter? If so, Why do you follow them? Have you ever complained or contacted a company via Twitter?


Parker, A. (2012). Share This: The Social Media Handbook For PR Professionals. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


2 thoughts on “Companies are turning to Twitter to engage with the public

  1. Companies that make use of social interaction with their customers definitely hold my attention and make me more interested in their brand and their products. Seeing companies use social media correctly and using it to their advantage by updating it often and talking to people are why there are some brands that I will follow on Twitter so I know what they are coming up with. I haven’t complained to a company through Twitter though, thankfully I haven’t had a bad enough experience that I’ve felt the need to complain.

    • I agree, I really like when companies are using their social media successfully. It makes me more interested in their company when they are constantly updating their sites with things that are going on.

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