Employees Use of Social Media


Social media has surely changed over the years. It began as a way to communicate with people from all over and has instantly changed into a more professional way. Companies are using social media to get feedback from consumers, but companies must know what their target audience wants in order to keep their brand loyalty in real time. Employee’s are expecting to have information instantly, wherever they are. “Social networking sites not only work well within companies but also externally, as they can be used for recruitment, communication, connection, and engagement” (Miller, R. p. 198).

It is important to understand that most users on social media communicate informally. If companies are always talking professionally, they may not be successful at attracting their target audience. It is a way to have one-on-one communication with the public. “Don’t view social media as something that are done ‘to’ employees, but ‘for’ and ‘with’ them.” (Miller, R. p.199). I believe that social media really shows the personal side of a person, it is important that employees display themselves in a professional manner that represents the company well. A company needs to have one voice and it is important that all employees are displaying their voice appropriately.

“Only 16% of managers and 17% of employees view using social media profiles to actively contribute to online industry conversations as either very important or extremely important” (Solis, B.). I think that if companies set up guidelines and show how employees can properly use social media to display their business, it can be extremely successful. This is such a small number that I think should grow because it can bring in more of their target audience and can also attract new audiences.

What do you think about employees communicating with each other via social media? Do you think that it is important for companies to communicate on social media professionally? Are you going to become more professional on your social media once you are employed?



Miller, R. (2012). Share This: The Social Media Handbook For PR Professionals. United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.


2 thoughts on “Employees Use of Social Media

  1. I think employees communicating with each other over social media is good as long as they follow the social media rules for the company they work at. It is important for companies and the people they employ to use social media as a way to communicate to the people as a whole, especially the content of the posts are professional.

    • I agree, if what they are posting is professional and has the company voice, I think it is great! When posting inappropriate posts and not representing the company professional is when problems occur. It can definitely benefit a company though showing how engaging the employees are and interacting with the public.

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