Tumblr: A site where you can express yourself


Blogs are becoming very popular lately. It is a place where users can post whatever they want and have anyone read it. “Blogs typically focus on a particular topic or industry and are usually maintained by an individual, or small group, with text, photo and video content published in chronological date order” (Waddington, S. p.93). They are a great place where you can express yourself and post anything that may be going on in your life. It is also a great way to tell a story and learn what is going on in your friends and families lives. Blogs are a great way to interact directly with the author and the viewers through comments. Blogs usually have a feature that let users post their blog posts on other social media sites, which engages more users.

There are many blogs that people are using today but the one that I am most familiar with is Tumblr. Tumblr is a blog that I have been using since I was 14 years old and I still know people who use it to this day! It is a great place to post whatever you want whether that be pictures, short posts, videos or quotes. Many of my friends have used it before and it is a great site to really get to know a person on what they truly like or dislike. I mostly use it to repost pictures and quotes, but from time to time I also like to post short blogs on what is going on in my life. I think many companies can use Tumblr by posting blog posts about what is going on within the company and by posting pictures that can enhance their brand. The great thing about Tumblr is you can Like, Share, or Reblog. It really helps make your page all about you and show what you like and what interests you. On Tumblr, you are able to customize your whole page, which really helps users become more interactive. I really like blogging and although I have not used the site lately, I think it is a great way to connect with users and post content you want everyone to see. 

“Tumblr, subscribes to the less is more philosophy and provides various forms of posting options including word posts, photos, videos, quotes, URLs, and IM conversations. Have something quick you want to say or share? Then tumbleblogs are the quick and easy way to go. It has all of the reach of standard blogs, with less of the physical and mental overhead.” (Solis, B.)

Tumblr is an easy way to interact with users and gives us the opportunity to post absolutely anything! It is a great social media site that has been successful for many years. What are your thoughts on Tumblr? Have you heard of it/used it before? How do you think a company could successfully use Tumblr? 



Tumblr – Tumbling between blogs, twitter and jaiku


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