Companies and their involvement in the Superbowl

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The Superbowl is known for having the best advertisements, it is one of the most watched specials on television. Companies pay millions of dollars just to have a 30 second commercial because of the number of viewers that are known to be present. “..which is expected to fetch about $4 million for a 30-second spot.” (Schultz, E.J.). The fact that companies are putting so much time and money into an ad is the reason why they are so successful. These ads stick in consumers minds and are discussed through word of mouth or social media, if they are successful to the viewers. Companies are questioning where is the best place to put these ads where they know they will have viewers and that is why the price to have an ad during the Superbowl is so expensive. “Rather, it just might be the most expensive and high-risk decision in all of advertising” (Schultz, E.J.) It is so much money to spend on just one advertisement, many companies have to save and decide if it is really worth it. “The U.S. accounts for more than 90% of the global audience, compared with the Olympics, which boasts a larger and more widespread international audience, according to Futures Sport & Entertainment, a Mediabrands agency that measures global sports viewing” (Schultz, E.J.) Both of these specials are great places for companies to reach their target audience and some outside of it. Many people watch the Superbowl just for the commercials, which helps make it one of the most watched events on T.V. Although, many companies will not see the direct impact from the commercials because many people are not going to rush out and buy the product right away, the goal of companies must be to make the product stick in the consumers mind and try and engage them to buy the product in the future. It is a great way to help companies that are not well-known get their name out and interest consumers. Some companies believe that spending all that money on one event is not worth it, they may be getting exposure but not getting the reward right away is negative for their company. But many companies are using the Superbowl to expose their new product lines, it is a great tactic to gain new consumers and to inform their current target audience. Although, when companies make such an impact on consumers they are expected to make an even bigger impact next year. When companies do not have ads in the Superbowl or their ads are not as successful it may have a negative impact on consumers.

The Superbowl is all about real-time conversation. “The thing about the real-time Web, however, is simply that it means your customers, indeed all stakeholders, are having conversations at the speed of…well…er…a conversation” (Sheldrake, P. p.148). Customers are discussing what they are seeing at the moment that it is displayed to them. The company impacts the consumer to converse with friends about their products.

I love the Superbowl, I love football and the ads also catch my attention. I like to see what companies are doing to try and out do their competition. The ads that catch my attention are the ones that I think about later on and the ones that I see being talked about on social media. I feel that this is the most important aspect for companies currently, trying to make a discussion on social media. Do you like the advertisements during the Superbowl and are you going to watch this years? Would you be willing to spend that much money on one short advertisement if you worked for a company? What is a good way to catch a consumers eye in an advertisement? Do you remember any ads from last Superbowl?


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